About Credo

CREDO, your boutique law firm

specialised in corporate and sports law


Credo is your dynamic legal partner specialised in corporate law and sports law.

We assist our clients in all their small and big life events, from incorporation, capital transactions, corporate (re)structuring, mergers and acquisitions, to liquidation.

Credo is also experienced in advising non-profit associations on all aspects of their corporate life. We advise non-profit associations on their incorporation and the organisation and maintenance of a balanced and adequate corporate governance structure.

In addition, we advise sports organisations, clubs and individual sportsmen and -women, both at a professional and amateur level, on their sports law related questions.

As Credo focusses on corporate law and sports law in a Belgian context, we join forces with our client's specialist advisers or our trusted specialist partners (e.g. for tax, HR or foreign assistance).


Credo assists its clients in building a successful and growing business. Credo closely works with its clients, applying years of international legal experience to the benefit of our clients.

Credo believes that through obtaining an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses and activities we can provide more pragmatic and to the point specialist legal advice focused on our clients’ business needs.