Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions

1. Credo Law is the commercial name used for the activities of Davy Smet, lawyer, with offices at Kleine Nieuwedijkstraat 38/C, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium, registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises with number 0828.156.306 and registered with the Bar of Mechelen (“Credo”).

2. These terms and conditions apply to each service provided by Credo, also if provided by Credo’s employees or deputies.

In case Credo and the client explicitly agree in writing to deviate from these terms and conditions, these deviations will only apply to the paragraph(s) concerned. The other paragraphs of these terms and conditions will remain applicable.

3. If the client does not object to these terms and conditions within a reasonable period of time following the notification thereof, it is assumed that the client has accepted these terms and conditions. Payment of Credo’s invoices is considered to be an explicit acceptance of these terms and conditions.

4. The total liability of Credo is limited to the amount for which it benefits insurance coverage. The client cannot claim damages for an amount higher than the amount remitted by Credo’s insurer for such insurance claim. The liability of Credo for any damages not covered by any insurance coverage is limited to the fees invoiced by Credo with a maximum amount of 25,000 EUR per claim.

5. In the framework of the performance of its activities, Credo can involve third parties in name and on behalf of its client. Credo will select these third parties with the necessary diligence. Credo cannot be held liable for any act or negligence from these third parties and is authorized to accept any limitations of liability by these third parties on behalf of its client.

6. Credo’s advice is solely intended for the client’s use in the framework of the file for which it was provided.

Third parties cannot use, refer to or rely on Credo’s advice to its client. The client cannot provide Credo’s advice to third parties, unless with Credo’s prior written consent. Such prior written consent is not required for providing our advice to another professional advisor of the client. Credo does not have any obligation or liability towards these other professional advisors.

7. Unless otherwise agreed, Credo’s services are incurred on an hourly basis at the applicable rate. Our fees are excluding VAT.

The applicable hourly rate includes administration and other small office costs. Specific costs and expenses, such as notary fees and travel expenses, are invoiced separately including VAT.

Unless otherwise agreed, our services and incurred specific costs and expenses are invoiced on a monthly basis. Our fees have to be paid within thirty days following the date of our invoice. In case of late payment, and after notice of default by Credo, legal interests will be due. Each dispute has to be notified in writing within fifteen days following the date of our invoice. In the absence of such notification, our invoice will be considered to have been accepted.

8. In accordance with the applicable deontological rules, Credo can use the name of a client for marketing purposes or in the context of a situation which can be considered as advertising by lawyers.

9. Credo is the processor of its clients’ personal data. Credo uses the information provided by its clients solely for internal client management. The obtained information is treated as confidential and is in no circumstances provided to third parties, unless Credo is legally obliged to. The client has the right to request a copy of its personal data and have this modified or deleted from Credo’s records. This will be done at the simple request from the client via e-mail.

10. In the framework of the applicable anti-money laundering legislation, Credo can request the client to provide all necessary information, such as for example its identity card or incorporation deed. The client has to promptly provide this information to Credo. Credo can be obliged to notify suspicious activities without informing the client. If Credo is of the opinion that its activities performed for a client constitute a breach of the anti-money laundering legislation, Credo can immediately and unilaterally terminate its services to the relevant client.

11. In case there is a difference between the Dutch and English version of these terms and conditions, the Dutch version will apply. These terms and conditions can be consulted on the website of Credo: www.credo-law.be.

12. If one or more paragraphs of these terms and conditions are declared void or cannot be applied, this will not impact or influence the validity and applicability of the other paragraphs of these terms and conditions. In such case, the void or inapplicable paragraph will be automatically replaced by a valid and applicable paragraph, which, to the largest extent possible, has an equal effect.

13. These terms and conditions and the relationship between Credo and the client are governed by Belgian law, and, to the extent applicable, with the observance of the deontological rules of the Bar of Mechelen. All possible disputes related to the relationship between Credo and the client and these terms and conditions are solely settled before the courts of the legal district of Mechelen, and, to the extent applicable, the authorities of the Bar of Mechelen.